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My first studio album in 5 years!

"My crown is in my heart, not on my head!" - William Shakespeare

The King


In a time where bravado, wordplay and penmanship have been erased from the hip hop genre, there’s an emcee from Halifax that is hoping to bring it all back. J-Bru always wears his heart on his sleeve, and he’d have it no other way!

Bru-Print Music

Bru-Print Music

In 2008, J-Bru started his own record label, Bru-Print Music. With five official releases to date, and four artists signed, BPM has been on top of the local hip hop scene for some time. So  what's next? The King's Home will be followed up with a late 2018 release.

Busy 2018

Aside from releasing two music projects in 2018, J-Bru is also working on a Tell-All-Book, chronicling his time as a victim of domestic violence. He also created Dads Against Double Standards (D.A.D.S), a non profit that helps fathers in need.


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J-Bru (The King of Halifax)

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